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Pixpa Review 2022

Pixpa is a specialty website builder for creatives who want to showcase and sell their graphics online, including photographers, artists, and others.

Pixpa is an extremely beautiful website builder that positions itself as a portfolio builder with integrated eCommerce capability. So it comes as no surprise that this constructor won’t appeal to everyone.

However, Pixpa is the greatest option if you’re looking for a cheap website builder for artists that will let you create a visual portfolio and promote and sell your photos, paintings, or other crafts. It is reasonably priced, simple to use, and undeniably attractive.

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Pixpa Review 2022

Pixpa makes a significant impression on participants from graduate and college programs. Pixpa is more commonly utilized at home and in the workplace than in schools. This proves that Pixpa does not rely on schoolchildren for its customer base and that legitimate businesses are being conducted on the platform.

  • Drag-and-drop builder that is simple to use
  • All plans include a free domain and an SSL certificate.
  • Affordable costs
  • Efficacious and user-friendly eCommerce integration
  • Storage space is somewhat constrained.
  • Small degree of design flexibility

Where should I use Pixpa?

Pixpa is initially promoted as a website builder for portfolios with integrated eCommerce features. Even while the builder is unquestionably the greatest for that market, let’s look at some of the other kinds of websites it may be used for:

Website typeBenefitsLimitations
Online shopsCheap to get started, no commission fees, set taxes, and shipping ratesIs best suited for selling images, photographs, and prints
BusinessesEasy to use and includes advanced SEO settingsNot much value for medium-sized sites
Portfolio siteMany responsive templates for photography or art portfoliosLimited features and similar layouts make the portfolio sites pretty simple
BlogsSimple and easy to integrate blogging platform with advanced SEO featuresBlogging is not the main area of focus for Pixpa

Popularity on Pixpa


In the USA, India, the UK, Canada, and the Philippines, Pixpa is well-liked. One of the key findings is that, with the exception of the Philippines, Pixpa is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Pixpa Features


As long as your website’s data storage plan allows it, you are free to add an infinite number of photographs and galleries.


Pixpa Client approval

You could design a gallery for your customers. Your customers can favorite or purchase photos at any time after you set up a password.
A photography store can be created, and there are numerous payment gateways accessible. As a result, you won’t have to stress about managing online payment processing. All of the necessary photography apps are available in the Pixpa app store (Integrations). There are 46 apps that are free.

You can add a ton of functionality to your website with these apps. These consist of integrating printing services for your website, a social commenting system, and customer support chat. You also have a built-in store with Pixpa, so you can sell anything from your website. You won’t have to worry about forgetting or missing anything because you can view all messages, comments, and everything from a single dashboard.
You won’t have to worry about forgetting or missing anything because you can view all messages, comments, and everything from a single dashboard.
From this page, you can handle creating client relationships, email marketing, calendar events, and more.

Unusual Proofing Method

You can build up a proofing page where your customers can comment and choose which pictures to buy. You may communicate with your customers directly through your website with the help of this specific portal, which also saves you time by doing away with the necessity for third-party programs like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

These proofing pages are also mobile-friendly, allowing your clients to select photographs while on the go. Pixpa safeguards your work by blocking right-click functionality on proofing sites, preventing your clients from easily accessing and downloading the images they desire.

E-commerce functionality that is integrated

The store pages on Pixpa are easy to navigate. If you desire, you can let website users buy particular photographs because they have alternatives for selling services and tangible or digital goods.


Pixpa excels when it comes to the sale of digital goods, something that not all other website builders enable. Many details can be added right in the editor. It’s simple to add details about licensing or usage, provide a download option for the digital product from within the website or via an external link, and include SEO components on each product page.

You may view all of your orders, abandoned carts, and client information from the shop dashboard. You can choose which payment method to accept and establish the sale pricing and tax rates.

It is evident that Pixpa considered creatives while developing an easy method of selling digital goods.

You don’t pay any commissions or listing fees to Pixpa for any sales you make. PayPal, Stripe, and PayUMoney are all payment methods you can use.

Pixpa Mobile Gallery Apps

This is just another aspect that distinguishes Pixpa. A personalized image gallery may be quickly and easily shared with a client, who can then download it as a mobile app to their device. This is perfect for showing clients sneak peeks from a photo shoot or even showing them the complete picture shoot as a bonus or paid add-on to your services.

With Pixpa, you are able to make an unlimited number of mobile gallery apps, which can play a significant role in your marketing plan. Each smartphone gallery already has your branding information, such as your name, phone number, and social network connections, preloaded.

Consider sending a client a mobile gallery app for their engagement images, which they then share with their friends and family. They can discover more about you in addition to seeing the pictures. In my opinion, any platform that aids in free marketing is beneficial.

Pixpa pricing

Basic ($1.88/mo), Creator ($3.75/mo), Professional ($5.63/mo), and Advanced ($9.38/mo) are the 4 pricing tiers offered by Pixpa. Additionally, you have 15 days to try out any plan for free.

One thing to remember is that, except from Basic, all plans permit online selling.

Any plan you select now comes with a free SSL and the option to link a custom domain. Now, every plan—all but the Lite—offers a free domain, sophisticated SEO tools, limitless bandwidth, and a blogging platform.

Pixpa plan

  • Basic ($1.88/mo): This plan does not define the amount of storage included, but it does allow connecting a custom domain. Furthermore, it lacks blogging functionality and eCommerce features.
  • Creator ($3.75/month) offers 3GB of storage and supports up to 5 product sales. The photographs can be purchased as prints or for download with no sales commission. In addition, the plan enables the setting of taxes and shipping costs as well as the direct collection of payments.
  • Professional ($5.63/mo): This plan adds 25GB storage, advertising pop-ups, announcement bars, free website creation, and the ability to sell up to 50 products to the Creator plan’s already generous features.
  • Advanced ($9.38/mo): This plan adds 100GB of storage, payment forms, customer accounts, inventory management, abandoned cart recovery, and the ability to sell up to 1000 products to the Professional’s capabilities. It also allows for the sale of 1,000 products.

With its 15-day free trial, Pixpa now gives you the option to try out any of the plans before making a purchase. The best part is that you don’t need to know your credit card number to do this.

The website builder additionally provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You are entitled to a full refund if you decide to discontinue your subscription before that point.

Pixpa is an extremely inexpensive website builder overall. All the requirements, including a domain name, SSL, and the ability to sell online, are included with every plan, despite the plans’ more constrained storage options. That’s unusual for something at such a low cost.

Pixpa Conclusion

For photographers and artists looking to build an online portfolio website, Pixpa is a fantastic tool. Pixpa has a lot of integrations built in that provide you greater control over how to quickly build, operate, market, sell, and maintain your website. I enjoyed the WHCC and Fotomoto applications from Pixpa. Anyone may quickly and risk-free sell their images, artwork, and any print items using those apps. Pixpa doesn’t take a cut of your earnings as a commission. Customer proofing and galleries are flawless.

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