The Best 6 Free Online Video Editor

Are you trying to find the finest free video editor online?

We can accomplish a lot of things online in this day of modern technology. Finding knowledge online is the first step, and from there, more complex tasks like online video editing follow.

The greatest free online video editor, their features, and their advantages are what we’ll be talking about in this article.

For those of you who don’t want to get lost in the maze of installing multimedia software to edit videos on a computer or laptop, this will undoubtedly be extremely helpful.

The nicest thing about using an online video editing program is that we don’t have to download or install it on our laptops, Android smartphones, or desktop PCs.

All you would require is a browser and an internet connection.

Now tell me, are you looking forward to checking out all the free online video editor?

What Is An Online Video Editor?

A video editor is a piece of software or a program that enables you to alter, create, or work with movie or video files.

Let’s say you used your smartphone camera to record a video. You can alter your video’s sequence by importing the video file into one of the video editors.

In addition, the video editor lets you alter the speed at which videos played in addition to adding effects.

Downloadable and Online video editors have different features.

There is no difference when it comes to the capabilities given by video editors and how they are used.

The sole distinction between the two video editors is that an online editor doesn’t require you to download an app. To use online video editors, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

The downloading video software, however, necessitates the installation of software on your laptop or PC. Without an internet connection, this kind of video editor can function.

Knowing the differences between them, it is obvious that choosing online video editors would be less difficult.

Without further, let’s examine the top free video editors available online.

These are the top 6 free online video editors and programs.

A increasing number of people are using the online video editing tool, which has users in the US, India, the UK, Brazil, and Canada among other countries. Their users use it for a variety of tasks, including music videos, small enterprises, and marketing campaigns. offers monthly subscriptions that unlock more storage space and capabilities, allowing users to create videos for free or at a modest fee.

Features Available In Free Plan

  • Creating a 720p 10-minute video for export.
  • Project creation is virtually endless.
  • Available storage is 2 GB.
  • There are workflow tools like video compressors and converters accessible.
  • You might also include music.
  • The capacity to broadcast in 1080p HD live via their live streaming platform.
free-online-video-editor-veed-io Pricing

You may produce video material with’s easy-to-use interface and export it in HD quality. If you want additional storage, better export quality, a longer video export length, and other features, you can sign up for one of the premium plans, which start at $12 per month.

One of the greatest free online video editing programs is FlexClip, which enables simple video editing and sharing features. It is, in my opinion, a lesser-known online video editing tool that is overshadowed by some of the more well-known brands. You can edit your video after registering for the free plan by cutting it, changing its format, adding photos and music, etc. Additionally, you can use this video editor tool to apply filters and transitions if you want to make your films stand out. You can save the movie for use in other projects or save the outcomes online thanks to the quick and simple method.

Features Available In FlexClip Free Plan

  • Your videos can be cropped without losing quality.
  • Choose the ideal ratio for your videos. perfect for YouTube videos
  • Adjust the contrast, shadow, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • In your finished clip, add video and photo transitions.
  • Another option is to include a voiceover or a music track.
  • Exporting videos in the 480p resolution standard.

FlexClip Pricing

You have more editing options with premium plans, which start at $4.99 per month.

However, if your requirements are straightforward and focused on common adjustments, this free online video editor for YouTube may be sufficient to meet all of your requirements.

You have more editing options with premium plans, which start at $4.99 per month.

However, if your requirements are straightforward and focused on common adjustments, this free online video editor for YouTube may be sufficient to meet all of your requirements.

Features Available In WeVideo Free Plan

  • Customize and export 480p videos
  • WeVideo offers the option to publish videos for social media in square or vertical videos in addition to the standard aspect ratio.
  • On computers running Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, you can utilize WeVideo.
  • Video editor using drag and drop
  • Simple effects for transitions
  • One gigabyte of cloud storage

WeVideo Pricing

You can sign up for WeVideo premium plans, which start at $4.99 per month, to gain access to advanced video editing features, thousands of stock assets, voiceover features, HD video creation, and other features.

Clipchamp is another free online video editor that has drawn the interest of several people. Knowing that over 10 million people are presently using Clipchamp to create films will help you gauge how popular this program is.

To simplify your video creation process, Clipchamp includes a drag and drop video editor, just like other free video editing programs.

The nicest thing about Clipchamp is how adaptable it is when it comes to making films for slideshow videos, Facebook advertisements, Instagram ads, and YouTube.

Features Available In Clipchamp Free Plan

  • There is no cap on how many videos can be made.
  • Liberty to use our resources
  • For tutorial videos, record your webcam and screen.
  • Exporting videos at 480p SD quality
  • Video splitting, trimming, and rotation are also permitted.
  • It is acceptable to use text, transitions, and colors.
  • You have the choice to incorporate both visuals and music.

Clipchamp Pricing

The free plan from Clipchamp is packed with value. Rarely do I think you wouldn’t need to switch to premium plans. However, if you require HD quality for your films, you may either pay a one-time price or sign up for one of its premium plans, which begin at $9 per month.

One of the special tools that makes it possible to quickly produce animated videos and presentation videos is Wideo. It is now unquestionably on the list of the top free video editors available online.

You’d be surprised to learn that numerous reputable companies, including Discover, the University of Toronto, Staples, and others, have used Wideo to make interesting movies.

However, Wideo offers you a selection of template videos, unlike the other free solutions described in this post. Additionally, using a drag-and-drop video editor, these templates can be modified to meet your needs.

Features Available In Wideo Free Plan

  • Ready-made templates for videos
  • Video editor using drag and drop
  • Animations of objects or characters
  • Scene changes in videos
  • Simple square and vertical video creation
  • A significant image library
  • Various font colors and styles
  • Free audio tracks and music
  • Exporting videos in normal definition

Wideo Pricing

The inability to download videos is the only drawback of the Wideo free plan. On YouTube, direct sharing is allowed. By upgrading to premium plans starting at $19/month, this can be avoided.

Powtoon is one of the top free online video editor, and it meets the needs of businesses across many sectors. Companies, video production studios, schools, ad agencies, marketing firms, training centers, and more all fall under this category.

Many well-known companies, like Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Dell, and others, are regular users of this web-based video editor because of its convenient accessibility and low cost. You won’t believe this, yet it has over 27 million monthly active users.

Its success is due to its library of pre-made video layouts. It is possible that just using the templates themselves will be interesting enough to get the highest number of conversions possible. Conversion rates can be multiplied by 10 if you change them to seem more like your brand.

Features Available In Powtoon Free Plan

  • Online video editing with just a few clicks and drops
  • It takes 100 MB of space to export a high-definition video.
  • Song samples that can be downloaded for nothing
  • The use of a wide range of transition animations
  • Inanimate things that can be animated for free
  • Immediate sharing on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, etc.
  • Multiple video aspect ratio options

Powtoon Pricing

Powtoon is the only free video editor that can export high-definition videos. The free plan, however, has a few less bells and whistles. The only way to have access to these functions is to pay the starting monthly fee of $19.

Conclusion: What Is the Best Free Online Video Editor?

After testing out the best free video editors, you should have a better sense of which one meets your needs.

Personally, I think FlexClip and WeVideo are great. A professional-quality video can be made using just the free plan’s tools.

Unfortunately, neither of the two editors, and in fact none of the free online video editors described in this blog, have an option to export videos without adding a watermark.

You could also check others video editing platform review: Movavi, Invideo

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