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Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 Review

How would you like an easy-to-use video editor that doesn’t cost too much? Movavi Video Editor soon turned out to be a well-known software program for editing videos. The credit goes to how easy it is to use and how useful its features are. Also, even people who make living edit videos like the program.

Movavi makes a number of tools for creators. Movavi Video Editor Plus is the latest one. Movavi’s new product lives up to its name by having some great features.

Even if you produce sound, you can’t get away from editing videos. Because the internet is getting faster and more people are using smart devices, more people are watching videos than ever before. Your audience expects you to keep putting out short videos.

In this review of Movavi Video Editor Plus in 2022, we’ll talk about all the cool features and price ranges. I will also tell you a secret way to get more discounts.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 Review by TodayTechReview

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Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022

A cutting-edge video editing software is Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022. It can be used to produce little videos as well as whole special effects-laden films. A variety of potent editing modules are available in Movavi. The learning curve is essentially nonexistent. It's ideal for beginners and has sophisticated capabilities that make it a useful tool for experts as well. A few new features, expanded visual effects, and example films are included in the plus edition. Overall, it is completely worthwhile.

  • Objects and animations built in
  • Attractive titles, transitions, and effects are just a click away.
  • Great tools for editing audio
  • Modern user interface that is easy to use and impressive
  • Cost-effective 
  • Custom Objects are ineligible for import.
  • For advanced professional use, color grading options are somewhat limited.
  • No garbage matte for chroma key


The 32-bit version of Movavi Video Editor Plus is only 62 MB in size, making it very portable. Similarly, a 64-bit system requires a 68-megabyte (MB) download. In this way, depending on your internet speed, the installation package can be prepared to open in under five minutes.

The installation process can begin immediately after the package has been downloaded. It would take less than a minute to finish everything. Installation times can be reduced further with better system configuration.

User Interface


The default mode in Movavi Video Editor Plus is a sleek black that looks great. You won’t be confused because everything is in its proper place. In addition, you can access every function with only a single mouse click.
Except for one minor complaint that we’ll go into below, Movavi features a wonderful and easy-to-use UI that’s practically perfect for newbies.

Smart Analyze lets you compare the finished product to the original, and the step-by-step instructions ensure you obtain amazing results in no time. The visual interface offers numerous editing features, such as an anamorphic distortion lens for versatile editing, full audio controls, and the ability to switch between eight different frame rates for optimal results.

Object Animation


In Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022, the ability to animate objects is what sets it apart. Symbols, photos, and other visual elements can all be combined to form a moving image. It’s easy to inject some much-needed character and humor into your videos by using animated titles, effects, and characters.

A few clicks are all it takes to make any of them using Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022. Just go to the Effects panel and pick an item from the Object animation menu. You can select from a wide range of preconfigured effects, such as sparkles, dynamic balloons, pinwheels, bubbles, illuminating objects, lasers, and many more. Text and patterns can also be defined as objects. Then, you may adjust the animation’s speed and watch it appear on the screen.


We attempted to animate an object in the same way that it was done in the demo video in order to see how well the feature worked. We  was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. Using the Sticker tool, we added a moving smiley face sticker on the video. Putting in the sticker was followed by a trip to the animation menu. After selecting Add Keyframe, we dragged the frame to the new position where we wanted the sticker to appear. It didn’t take much effort. Rotating items through animation is a great way to get just the right shot. Additionally, the opacity can be adjusted.

Scene detection

There is nothing less than genius about the scene detection tool. Scene recognition makes it simple to cut up a large video into manageable chunks, or to insert scene breaks so that you may give each segment its own set of titles and credits.

In order to save time, it can identify when a video begins and ends. As a result, our system facilitates the creation of the necessary scenarios with minimal effort from the user. As a result, it should come as no surprise that we adore this function and we sincerely wish that you will, too.


Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 also has an excellent video stabilization capability. It aids in stabilizing the camera while recording. I shakily filmed something on my phone and uploaded it. Afterward, they opened the video in Movavi Video Editor Plus to try and fix it. Too much was expected of me. Modest motion and shaking can be accommodated by this function. In order to better suit your needs, you can adjust the Accuracy and Shaking sliders upward. Minor shaking can be stabilized with this method, but it won’t fix anything major.



Movavi Movie Editor’s overlay function allows you to place an external video or image over your project. Animated, professionally-designed overlays may really spice up a video.

Whether you need to transition between sequences (using fade-in, fade-out, dissolve, etc.) or insert special effects (such stars, clouds, music clips), Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 has you covered. With the new Overlay option, making stunning video teasers and engaging photo slideshows is a breeze.

When we utilized it to add some rapid fade scenes to our video, it turned out beautifully. If you need an overlay editing application that is both quick and simple to use, Movavi is your best bet.


Chroma Key

Chroma keying involves the substitution of one picture or video for another, allowing for the introduction of new characters and other elements.

Green screens are used in movies; have you ever seen one in action? There is a green screen in the movie, but it’s not visible. If you were expecting to see the character still in the studio, you’ll be surprised to find that they’re instead in the middle of a desert. The chroma key is to thank for it.

This tool allows you to swap out a single hue with another, most often green or blue.


Pan and Zoom

You may add a personal touch to your films by using the face tracking, pan, and zoom tools (also known as facial recognition and crop).

You may easily apply morphing effects or focus in on a certain area with the press of a button. As a result, you’ll have complete command over the depth of field of your shots, and it’ll be simpler than ever to produce jaw-dropping cuts.

Although we found the pan and zoom function to be fairly useful, we concluded that your laptop’s touch screen capabilities offered the greatest potential. As a result, if you own a laptop with a touch screen, you can tap and drag your fingers to swiftly enlarge the relevant sections.

Audio Editing Tools

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 may be primarily a video editor, but it also has top-notch audio editing features. Because of this, Movavi stands apart from its rivals.

An audio beat detection function was added to Movavi Video Editor Plus. It’s simple to operate. To use the Beat Detection tool, simply choose a clip of audio and hit the Detect Beats button. It will analyze the music for rhythm and place yellow dots on the timeline when it finds them. It will help us keep our film moving along at a steady pace. It’s a very handy addition.

Movavi Video Editor Plus has an excellent Noise Removal tool. It helps you sound better by canceling out ambient noise. Vloggers will find this function to be extremely helpful. This tool is useful for lowering road noise in video recordings. Select the audio file, then go to Edit > Audio Tools > Noise Removal. Simply adjusting the slider up or down and clicking Apply will have the desired effect.

Synchronization, Equalizer, and Audio Effects are three other useful audio tools.


Things need to improve

While the software is great overall, there were a few features that we found frustrating. The user interface is excellent, however the tools in the left side need labels. Because of this, it becomes more challenging for novices to learn which tool accomplishes what. Other than that, there were a couple of kinks that needed ironing out. Unfortunately, while they were effective, using them was not fun.

Important lessons:

  • The app still lacks several advanced trim modes and other clip pre-trimming options that may be found in other programs, but this is not a problem for novices.
  • Although the titles/subtitles editor is useful, it can be difficult to add pre-made subtitles to a video.
  • Generally speaking, the speed at which images are rendered is below par. It’s not as awful as some alternatives, but it can’t compete with the industry leaders. (It took 2 minutes and 41 seconds to render a 5-minute video.)
  • It’s not as feature-rich or color-grading-friendly as competing programs.
  • Not only does Movavi not support the cutting-edge H.265 codec, but it also does not support any other codecs. We find it annoying, but we can see how it could be helpful to other people.
  • Last but not least, the software does not work on the latest M1 Macs, and a patch is still missing in action.


Movavi Video Editor Plus is an excellent bargain when considering its features and price. Price ranges from $200-$400 for comparable software. Movavi Video Editor Plus, however, can be purchased for only $59.95. The cost of acquiring a business license is $119.95. Camtasia, another video editor that costs about the same but has similar capabilities, costs about $299. Camtasia’s lone selling point is its built-in screen recording functionality. Which is something you can acquire for $39.95 if you don’t have Movavi. The total price for Editor Plus with Screen Recorder is $99. If you use Movavi, you’ll still save more than $200. Movavi Video Suite, which includes a video editor, screen recorder, media player, and much more, is also available for a low price and has a ton of useful functions. What’s more, Movavi Video Editor Plus doesn’t weigh your computer down. There is no requirement for a powerful computer to run it. It follows that delaying a computer upgrade could be a good way to save money. Additionally, the regular price of $59.99 has been reduced to a much more reasonable $34.99. Accordingly, we believe that Movavi Video Editor Plus offers the best value for the money given its combination of features and price.


It’s simple to make great videos with the help of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022. There is a wide range of customization options available in this video editor, including the ability to add effects, transitions, titles, draw directly on films, change colors and pictures, and even record voiceovers. Movavi Video Editor is a wonderful option if you need a feature-rich video editor at a reasonable price for either personal or professional use.

In addition, it has a timeline with numerous tracks, so you may customize your project by adding text, video, or both. By using the 3D extrusion features in Movavi Video Editor, you can quickly animate your photographs and films. You may easily create stunning slideshows, bullet videos, wedding movies, recordings of your outdoor experiences, or amazing time-lapses to share on social media using the program’s pre-made video editing templates.

So, sure, we do advocate for the use of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022, and its capabilities are absolutely revolutionary in the realm of video editing. This concludes our evaluation, and we hope you find its contents helpful.

Alternatives to Movavi Video Editor include Clipchamp and Kapwing, HitPaw Video Editor, Lightricks Boosted, Wevideo, Animoto, and FlexClip, among others.

Canva and PicMonkey are two excellent websites to use if you want to make some eye-catching images. Use Mango Animate Text Video Maker if you require a free screen recorder, and make animated videos using Mango Animate Text Video Maker.

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