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Loom Review 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

With Loom, you can simply record your screen or camera and share the recordings with others. Loom is a screen recording and video capture tool. Users may record, share, and interact with video messages to get work done because they are simple to use and quick.

In this article, we will share about Loom Review in 2022.

You can share fast feedback or lengthy conversations more quickly using Loom. Viewers can establish immediate connections by responding to and commenting on videos.

In 200,000 businesses, more than 14 million individuals use Loom to work more quickly using async video. Loom wants to become the go-to collaboration platform for both big corporations and startup firms.

There is a free version and a paid version; the paid version offers more features like password protection, higher-quality recordings, and longer recording times.

Using the Loom Desktop App

Search for Loom in the Windows search box and click the red pinwheel Loom logo to launch the Loom application after you have downloaded it to your computer. Investigate the locater and Snap-On programs on a Mac. Double-tap the Loom program at that point. Once the application is open, you should select the type of video recording you require.

Step 1: Launch the Loom application to start recording your screen and your computer’s camera simultaneously. You can record your entire screen or only a section of it with Screen Only. Cam simply uses the camera on your computer to capture videos of your face.


Step 2: Choose a mode Choose how much of your desktop Loom should record. These are your three choices: Full Screen captures the whole of your desktop. A particular application window is recorded by window. Depending on the option you choose, Custom Size will capture a piece of the desktop. However, a pro subscription is necessary for this.


Step 3: Configure your camera and microphone sources to personalize the recording. Choose the camera and microphone of your choosing. Use high-quality tools to achieve the greatest outcomes.


Step 4: Start Recording: To start your session, click “Start Recording.” There will be a countdown meter, and when your session starts, a red “recording” button will show on the desktop’s left side. Three buttons, including Pause, which enables you pause the session, Delete, which lets you stop the recording and discard it, and Drawing Tool, which is only available with a Pro subscription and is supposed to be a focusing tool, will show up when you hover your mouse pointer over it.


Step 5: Stop/Share Recording: Click the Stop Recording option when you are finished recording.

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Loom Review 2022

Although you may already be paying for solutions that effectively accomplish the same thing, Loom is the quickest and simplest way to capture your screen and turn that into a public video.

  • It is incredibly simple to use, allowing you to start recording with only one click and stop recording with an equally simple gesture. To facilitate sharing, the generated video's link is also instantly transferred to the clipboard.
  • You have the option of recording the entire screen or a specific area of it. By immediately adding the video to the email body, it makes it simple for consumers to share films via Gmail directly.
  • Positive
  • It will inform you whenever someone sees one of your videos.
  • At any time during filming, you can annotate the video with remarks and notes.
  • It provides limitless storage and features that make folder organizing simple.
  • A free version is offered.
  • The videos can be saved in MP4 format.
  • You can only record 5-minute videos with the free edition, however you can extend this time limit by recommending a friend to Loom.
  • Full-screen videos are sometimes of lower quality.

How Does Loom Work?

1. Records Screen and Camera Simultaneously

You can record yourself using your desktop by pressing the record button while navigating. Because of this, Loom is a dependable app for recording tutorials and giving comments on other people’s work.

Additionally, Loom provides a Chrome extension that enables screen recording without the need to download an app. For those who don’t want to put another program on their computer, this is fantastic.


2. Quickly Shareable Video Links

Concerned about your video files’ size? Your films are automatically compressed by Loom so they are tiny enough to share via social media or email. If you’d like, you can also decide to download the video file to your computer.

In order for other people to view your recording, Loom also offers a URL that you may share with them. You can choose to set a password for additional security if the link doesn’t expire after 30 days.

Your screen recording is available for free viewing by anybody in the globe. Share your videos on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Search, or make them public.

3. Not a Great Screenshot Tool

A screenshot tool is included with Loom. It’s clearly not ready for broad usage, thus it seems logical that it’s labeled as being in beta. Strangely, there is no method to annotate screenshots, and Loom launches a browser window each time you take a screenshot, which is more than a little bothersome. The tools that the system offers for taking screenshots on any device are probably better to use. No points will be docked for a beta feature. Hopefully the function gets better after the beta.

4. The sensation of recording

Once you get the hang of it, recording videos with Loom is quick and enjoyable.

These days, I always begin recording using the specific shortcut (—L). Before the actual recording begins, a large countdown will go up on the screen to allow you some time to be ready.

The circle with the camera overlay is constantly present on your screen and may occasionally be an obstruction. It merely requires putting the camera in the right place before pressing the record button, understanding where you need to interact the most.

I often press —L again to halt recording. It is the quickest route. Otherwise, you may simply click the loom icon on your Mac’s status bar. It will cease recording immediately.

When you stop recording, Loom will start a new tab in your browser and open the most recent video you took, ready for sharing.


Loom Pricing

Loom has three pricing plans: Starter, Business and Enterprise.

Creator and Creator Lite Accounts

Creators on Business have unrestricted video recording options. There are distinct fees for every Creator.

Additionally, the Business plan enables you to blend Creator and Creator Lite accounts, making it simple to bring more members of your team to Loom without charge. Both the Starter and Business plans provide Creator Lite Accounts, which have constrained video recording capabilities.

Loom Review 2022 Conclusion

Loom is a fantastic investment for both organizations and people overall. It is a simple-to-use application with effective features that can aid businesses in enhancing communication and teamwork. Even while there are some inconveniences, such sporadic bugs and glitches, the positives outweigh the cons. Loom is a fantastic alternative to think about if you’re looking for a screen recording and video capture solution.

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