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Invideo Review 2022

What is invideo?

Media corporations, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs use the platform to “convert your content into outstanding videos” in order to increase engagement with their video content.

An alternative to services like Movavi, Animoto, Wave, and Promo is InVideo.

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Invideo Review 2022

To get started with video, you may select from over 6,000 configurable themes, and alter the material and clips to make it your own. You can also convert your script to video utilizing InVideo’s strong however uncomplicated AI driven text to video feature. Choosing a topic and entering a headline or some content is all you need to do for this tool; the AI will handle the rest.

Then, there is the enormous iStock media collection at your disposal, which includes over 8 million objects and over 1 million media pieces.

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Invideo Pros vs Cons

With InVideo, users have access to thousands of professionally designed video templates and hundreds of thousands of audio and visual stock assets, making it possible to create professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes. The free edition is great for getting a feel for the platform, but it has serious limitations due to output watermarks and a maximum resolution of 720p. Full access to all functions is available in the subscription versions, but the exorbitant price and low maximum output resolution of 1080p will likely deter many potential customers.

  • You have access to a library of over a million stock video clips, images, and music. Plus stickers, text animations, and filters.
  • Full creative freedom in defining the project's visual style.
  • Underline key phrases in the script and click to find related results.
  • Use your own tweets and Instagram posts in videos.
  • Their YouTube channel has a lot of instructional videos and tutorials. You can also find these video guides inside the app's help menu.
  • You are able to upload and use your own media as well as use items from the library.
  • Although I didn’t do it for this post, you can record audio inside of InVideo.
  • Once you choose a template, you’re stuck with it.
  • Limit of 50 scenes
  • It takes a long time for previewing and exporting.
  • Modifying a scene's format and losing your work in progress

Invideo Plan

There are a numerous pricing options to choose from with InVideo. One of them is free of charge and gives you access to a library of over 3 million standard media pieces, as well as pre-made templates and automated text-to-speech. Videos produced in this manner are watermarked with an InVideo logo.

A Business Plan with a lot more features can be had for $30 per month or $180 per year, and an Unlimited plan with even more features can be had for $60 per month or $360 per year. You may make films without watermarks, use iStock and other paid material, crop out the background of your photos, and use InVideo’s premium designs. Having InVideo Mobile Pro included is a nice touch.

Key Features

InVideo provides access to standard video editing features such those for adjusting brightness, contrast, white balance, cropping, blending modes, and opacity. Then, you may apply a variety of filters to your finished video, modify the clip’s pace, use Text to Speech, add stickers, apply overlays, overlay and animate text, use shape masks, create video collages, animate clips, and more. So, it’s fair to say that InVideo can take all of the hard work out of making excellent effects with the push of a few buttons.

Interface and Usability

The video editing process is much simpler on the mobile app than it is in the web browser. Here, you work with clips in layers that produce a continuous video, rather than on a normal timeline. The clips in the stack are numbered, so you can see in what order they will be played, and you can rearrange them as needed. After trimming the clip with in/out points, transitions and effects may be added with ease.

The browser version is well thought out, even if there are certain parts of the design that aren’t particularly user-friendly. For instance, if you work in the Layers view, you can only add clips to the active scene which implies that transitions can’t be applied between clips. In order to utilize transitions, you must switch to the Scenes view.

This isn’t the most convenient method of working, and it would be preferable to be able to switch to the Layer view and right-click between clips to create transitions and other effects. Right now, it’s a hassle and an inconvenience to constantly shift between the two points of view.


The fact that InVideo has a resolution limit of 720p for the free version and 1080p for subscriptions shows that videos generated using it are intended towards social network use. There are a plethora of elementary video-editing tools and effects to choose from. Moreover, there are variations in the quality of the available templates; yet, even the less-than-ideal ones can provide a springboard for producing high-quality results quickly. Employ sophisticated techniques like Automated Text to Speech only if you have no other option but to use computer-generated voiceover because the resulting audio sounds very robotic. Also, when it comes to removing the background from still images, Remove Backdrop isn’t nearly as effective as manually cutting off the topic in a program like Photoshop.


InVideo is straightforward to use overall, despite a few of minor glitches. The smartphone app is probably more straightforward than the internet version, but having both alternatives available is important because you may chose the version that best suits your workflow. Stock video, music, and images are great for filling in gaps in your own footage or creating a video in its entirety, but they’re only useful if you need them, and if you don’t, you’ll be paying a premium subscription for results that you can achieve just as easily with less expensive video editing software.

Subscription versions are the most practical choice because the free version is so severely limited in a number of ways, but you should only subscribe if you can afford to. But for business users, the access you have to premium stock assets will surely be valuable for making social media videos and advertising, if you can get enough usage out of the site to justify the cost of the subscription. And, of course, if the output limit of 1080p isn’t an issue for you.

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