The Best Video Editing App for Android

There is no shortage of free PC video editing software, but some of them can be difficult to learn. A personal computer (preferably a fairly robust one) is also required. However, a best video editing app for Android is not only feature-rich but also incredibly user-friendly.

With these video editing app for Andoird, you can make cool videos on your phone.

As Android camera quality improves, so does the demand for simple, powerful mobile editing apps that can keep up with the pros. Almost weekly, new video editing app for Android are released on the Google Play market. It can be confusing to go through all the available options and determine which ones have the qualities you’re looking for.

Here is a list of the best six Android, iOS, and Chrome video editing apps. Keep reading to find out which of the many Android video editing apps is best suited to your specific requirements and level of expertise.


The best things about video editing on Android devices

Chromebook Video Editing

In the past few years, more and more people have Chromebooks. These handy portables combine the features of a mobile device with the speed and ease of use of a laptop. Many schools give these laptops to kids in kindergarten through high school to use for schoolwork. This means that the younger generation knows how to use the interfaces on these laptops.

Chromebooks use Google’s operating system, which means that some mobile video apps also work on these devices. Chromebooks can run PowerDirector, so you can edit videos on both your Android phone and your Chromebook.

Chromebook video editing has a bigger screen and more features than editing on a phone, but it keeps the easy-to-use features of your editing app.

Android Tablet

People often use their Android tablets instead of their phones to edit videos. Tablets make it easy, convenient, and powerful to edit on the go, and they have a bigger screen than a phone. They are the perfect middle ground between desktop and phone editing, letting you use your tools on the go on a screen that is easier to use.

Android Phones

Modern Android phones have powerful, high-quality cameras built in, and many people like that they can shoot and edit videos on the same device. Apps for editing make it easy to change videos on Android phones from anywhere with an Internet connection. This makes the editing process faster and easier.

How to Pick the Best Video Editing App for Android


Before you buy a subscription to a video editing app for Android phone, there are a few things you should think about:

  • Your budget
  • How easy it is to use the app
  • Videos can be played on
  • Tools for editing that fit your needs
  • Stock library
  • Frequent updates
  • Good service to customers
  • Apps for editing videos aren’t as pricey as desktop software for editing videos, of course. But you should still think about which app you want to pay for.

The majority of the apps we’ve included on this list have trial periods of between three and seven days. Yet others don’t (hello PowerDirector and Promeo).

It takes a long time to try out all of the features of a best video editing app for Android and decide if it is the ideal one for you. Our checklist can be useful in this situation.

We analyzed the six most downloaded apps across all app stores, categorized them, and described their key functions. That way, you can scan them fast and pick the one that suits you best.

6 Best Video Editing App for Android in 2022

PowerDirector is the best app in general.

What’s important:

  • Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution.
  • Make videos that move quickly or slowly by changing the speed.
  • A video stabilizer can fix shaky camera footage.
  • Make animated titles for eye-catching intros
  • Voice changer has a lot of sound effects.
  • Using chroma-key, you can change the background to a green screen editor.
  • With video overlays and blending modes, you can make stunning double exposure effects.
  • You have access to a huge stock library that you can use for free.
  • The pick of the editor

For Android, PowerDirector is your best bet for editing videos. With this fantastic app, you can use your Android phone or tablet to create a professional-quality video from start to finish. There is no better choice for non-professionals or amateurs looking to create videos that appear professional at this price point.

Change the pace, adjust the transparency and position with keyframe controls, add animated text and titles, and stabilize the video—these are just a few of the many editing options available in PowerDirector. The green screen chroma-key editor in this program makes it simple to switch the background color without losing any of your video.

Cutting and pasting sequences, rotating films, and adjusting the hue, saturation, and brightness are just a few of the other editing options available in this program. The free version includes hundreds of pre-made effects, such as glitch and emboss. A premium subscription grants access to additional templates and editing features, but we were able to meet our objectives with the basics available in the free version.

The free version includes hundreds of pre-made effects, such as glitch and emboss.

The best app for social media is Promeo.

What’s important:

  • Use-friendly
  • Made to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Thousands of templates that are ready to go
  • There are a lot of stock videos, photos, and music.

Over 10,000 professionally designed video and photo templates are at your disposal, right now, on Promeo. These layouts are social media-specific, with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn all catered to. You can produce professional-looking advertising material for your social media accounts in just three easy steps with the help of this handy tool.

Select a premade layout, customize it with your own text, colors, and stock images, and then post it on any available network.

The videos, pictures, and music from iStock, Shutterstock, and Unsplash can be used to produce content, or you can upload your own. Color filters, over a hundred unique fonts, a color palette, and animated stickers are all available.

Also crucial is the fact that Magic Cutouts can be used. Objects can be extracted from their backgrounds mechanically and then added to a preexisting design. Make photographs that highlight specific features or products with this handy tool.

Many different types of templates are available, including those for fashion, travel, beauty, food, fitness, health, and business. Each month, we also offer new seasonal and promotion-specific templates to ensure you never run out of content to share.

In general, when it comes to creating and sharing videos online, no other program compares to Promeo’s user-friendliness and versatility.

Best for Creative Cloud Users: Adobe Premiere Rush

What’s important:

  • Multi-track timeline
  • Auto reframe for social media
  • Built-in features for professional cameras

Adobe’s Premiere Rush is a logical progression from the company’s other media-editing programs. All the tools you need to create professional-quality videos on your phone, at an affordable price.

Titles, music, and other video effects may all be dropped into a project in Premiere Rush with the click of a mouse. You may use the platform to edit many movies and videos at once, perfect for creating PIP and split-screen effects, thanks to its multi-track timeline.

The app’s built-in professional camera is a major selling point. The app allows you to create videos within it, streamlining the process of compiling together multiple shots.

The program simplifies the process of adding visual effects to videos for those who are popular on YouTube, TikTok, or other social media platforms. It has optimized settings for sharing videos on various websites. You can adjust the height and width of your videos, for instance, to make them look better on a specific social networking platform.

While you can use Premiere Rush without paying anything, the premium version unlocks access to additional audio tools and Rush’s own content collection. Premium subscribers who are also social media influencers can have their videos automatically cropped to highlight the most relevant parts, regardless of the aspect ratio they were originally recorded in.

All in all, Adobe Premiere Rush is a fantastic mobile program for experienced editors who need access to a wide range of high-end tools on the go.

KineMaster is best for editors with a lot of experience

What’s important:

  • Cropping each frame at a time
  • Effects with many layers
  • Immersive audio presets
  • Animation with keyframes

Professional YouTubers and social media professionals who have been editing videos for a while and are looking for more complex editing tools often use KineMaster. This software offers all the standard features found in other apps, in addition to numerous advanced editing options and effects designed for professionals.

Your videos can be instantly improved by adjusting the hue and saturation with KineMaster. The volume controls make it easy to add studio-quality voiceovers, music beds, and other sound effects.

Additional capabilities include keyframe animation tools for adding motion to your layers, options for adjusting the app’s pace, and superior blending modes. It’s easy to export your films to 4K or 2160p and share them instantly on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

Watermark removal, access to professional tool presets, and access to the KineMaster content store are just a few of the perks of upgrading to premium. However, you can test out the app without paying anything for a limited time.

We think it’s a terrific software for editing videos on Android tablets because the more advanced capabilities work better on a bigger screen. The app’s minimal design, however, simplifies the process of switching videos on an Android device.

Funimate - Best for Vertical Editing

What’s important:

  • With a hundred or more cutting-edge video effects
  • Useful for creating and editing videos on TikTok.
  • Easily loop videos for sharing on social media.
  • Video footage can be personalized with the use of stickers and emoji.

Funimate is a well-liked video editing app with a variety of useful tools for casual users. Users of the popular video-sharing site TikTok often turn to this alternative app for editing their 60-second clips since it offers more tools than the TikTok editor.

More than a hundred high-end video effects, emojis, stickers, audio tools, and cropping options are available in Funimate. You may also utilize your own phone’s images to create your own effects within the app. If you’re looking to supplement your current set of effects, this could help.

Using this program, you may quickly and easily include all of the components necessary to create a viral video. The ability to loop back to the beginning of videos is popular among TikTok users. Creating this effect is a breeze with Funimate’s auto-looping feature. It also includes standard editing functions such as merge, cut, and trim.

The name says it all: you can use Funimate to make hilarious home movies. Although it lacks the professional-level features required to create blockbuster movies, it does provide the basics for amateurs and newcomers to the video-making world.

If you enjoy creating entertaining short videos, Funimate is an excellent video editing app for Android

InShot is best for making content for social media.

What’s important:

  • There is music in the background.
  • Edit videos by trimming, cropping, and splicing
  • The TikTok and Instagram video aspect ratios
  • Create a single video from several clips.

If you’re a social media specialist and want to make polished videos for your profiles, InShot is a fantastic program to use. There are a ton of simple-to-use effects, filters, overlays, and cropping choices, similar to those found in the Intro Maker software.

InShot is a great next step if you want to generate social media films that go beyond the capabilities of TikTok or Instagram’s video editing apps. It’s simple to customize the backdrop color, add text, combine movies, change the tempo, and more. InShot is a one-stop-shop for all your social networking needs, as it also features handy photo-editing capabilities.

A variety of audio capabilities are included in this app as well, including the ability to record a voiceover, to remove music from videos, to fade audio in and out, and to add royalty-free music from the InShot app. It also includes more than fifty unique transitions, from ghostly effects to glitchy overlays of light.

Unlike PowerDirector and similar advanced programs, InShot lacks these more complex editing tools. Because it is straightforward, this tool is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of video editing to beginners.

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