5 Best Vertical Video Editing App October 2022

5 Best Vertical Video Editing App in October 2022

Whether you’re interested in vertical video editing app, whether for business or entertainment, this article is there for you.

More and more people are watching vertical videos. I evaluated more than 10 vertical video editing app to make your decision as easy as possible, and I’ve narrowed it down to the best 5. They are the most user-friendly, have simple interfaces, and optimize the video editing process. To learn how to use these apps, you won’t even need a tutorial; you’ll be an expert in no time!

Consequently, let’s get started with the list of the best vertical video editing apps for iPhone and Android users.

Find out top 5 vertical ranking video editing app

  1. Enlight Videoleap Video Editor
  2. Viva Cut
  3. Spark Camera
  4. InShot
  5. Picsart

A fantastic all-purpose video editing choice

With this video editing app, you can add many videos at once. And you may quickly cut your video clip anywhere in the middle, rather than only at the start or end. To do that, all you have to do is click the split option on the toolbar, split your video into two (or more), and then select the section you want to cut from.

You can utilize two overlapping layers simultaneously in the free version. You need to purchase the pro version in order to use unlimited layers. Here’s a trick for the free app, though: export your file with two layers already added, then import the altered file back into Videoleap and add two more layers. Repeat as often as necessary. Of course, it’s best to just get the Pro version if you don’t have the time for this.

You can edit horizontal videos with this app in addition to editing vertical videos. It will be in the 9:16 video format for vertical videos.

Available on


Free for limited options, various pricing to unlock pro features.

Fantastic titles and text animation.

Another excellent video editing app that has a user-friendly interface. When utilizing Viva Cut, you won’t have to rely on guesswork because it will guide you through the editing process. You can effortlessly switch your video’s orientation from vertical to square, landscape, or any other format supported by social media. You should also look at the VFX tool to see all the various filters you may use. The text animation in this app is another intriguing element I adore. There are several animated choices available with a variety of colors and fonts, as opposed to just static headlines. You may access all the advanced capabilities, such as the ability to export in 4K or 1080p, by purchasing the Pro version. no time restrictions, plus many more.

Available On


$6.49 monthly 

$35.99 yearly 

$55 one-time purchase for lifetime access

For the simplest basic video editor, try this.


For quick projects like Instagram stories and TikTok, the Spark video editor app is fantastic. Trimming is made primarily to be simple for quick jobs. This tool will work well for you if you don’t mind not having many features—which you typically don’t for small projects—while editing your video clips.

Another benefit is that you can simply adjust the loudness of the original video sound and music from within the app as well as add music to your videos directly from your iTunes library.

This app is ideal for you, in my opinion, if you aren’t much experienced with video editing. This app is arguably the easiest to use, even though the other apps on this list are also simple to use. I’ve discovered that because of its very obvious and straightforward interface, you can start using it right away without having to spend even a few minutes studying. The fact that you cannot change the format of any already-recorded video—for instance, from a landscape to a vertical video ratio—is the sole drawback in my opinion.

Available on


Free (limited version) 

$3.99 monthly for Pro 

$29.99 yearly for Pro 

$59.99 one-time purchase for lifetime access to Pro

The right choice for using sound creatively.

The right choice for using sound creatively and producing vertical videos for IGTV and TikTok

All the typical functions, including slow motion, trimming, and splitting, are available with InShot. Additional features include sticker animations, video speed control, filters and effects, and a variety of font choices for text and titles. Additionally, the Canvas function includes video scaling, which makes it simple to change ratios.

With sound control, you may add your own voiceover to the project, select from in-app sounds that are already present, and use music from your phone or iTunes. The sound library, where you can add a variety of FX to your video like laughter, applause, footsteps, animal sounds, and much more, is what really sets InShot apart. Even some of the more expensive iPhone or Android video editors don’t have this fantastic addition.

Available on


$2.99 monthly 

$9.99 yearly 

$29.99 one-time purchase for lifetime access

Video editing apps are limited, but the photo editor more than makes up for it.

Picsart is a program that may be used to edit photographs and videos. The same options for cutting and selecting various ratios, such as portrait, landscape, and square for various social media are available in this simple-to-use software. Additionally, you’ll have access to many color schemes and picture backgrounds for your film, as well as visual effects, brightness adjustments, etc. If you’re intending to make numerous revisions to your project,

Picsart can be incredibly helpful. You won’t have as many options as with some of the other applications on this list for adding stickers, emoticons, or text to your video. The cost might not seem to be justified at first. But keep in mind that the same software also gives you access to Picsart’s photo-editing tools. The photo editing side offers some really amazing features, unlike the video editing side. This could be the perfect two-in-one app for you.

Available on


$3.99 monthly 

$29.99 yearly


This list is for you if you’re new to video editing and don’t want or need access to sophisticated tools and capabilities. I made an effort to only include video editing programs that are simple to use while also providing you with all the necessary tools to create engaging social media posts. Additionally, all of these apps allow you to make videos for IGTV, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and other video platforms.

Please share your fave with me in the comments section below. Please let me know in the comments if you believe I’ve overlooked any more fantastic video editing apps so I can check them out as well.

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