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Watch the solar system flash by

A terrific utility was uncovered when changing my Apple Watch face, just when I had believed I had found every useful hidden function of the Apple Watch. This small hack will be adored by everybody who is interested in the planets of our solar system, in my opinion.

You probably already know how to change your Apple Watch face if you are familiar with using the device. You may even be aware of how to utilize a picture as the face of an Apple Watch. However, have you yet to investigate the Astronomy watch face?

Although the Astronomy watch face was initially introduced with the first-generation Apple Watch, it was updated with the release of watchOS 9 and the Apple Watch Series 8 simultaneously. The Astronomy watch face features a particularly unique function, however all of the new watchOS 9 watch faces are interactive in some manner.

Turn the digital crown in either direction to show all eight planets aligned in their orbits around the sun once the Solar System image has been saved as your watch face. To show how the planets’ orbits were aligned before or when they will be aligned one day, scroll numerous years in the past or future.

This is a fascinating way to explore the solar system from your wrist, even if it isn’t exactly a means to predict when Mercury will be in retrograde the next time. Due to the fact that I assume the majority of people are unaware of this function, it at the very least makes for a great party trick.

How to acquire the Astronomy watch face for the Apple Watch

1. Firmly push the watch face.

2. To get the plus (+) symbol, swipe to the left and press it.

3. Scroll down and choose the Astronomy watch face. It’s towards the top since the faces are arranged in alphabetical order.

4. Scroll down to Solar System under the View option in the setting menu.

5. Twice press the digital crown to activate your new watch face.

This feature looks fantastic on the huge screen of the Apple Watch Ultra, but it is compatible with any Apple Watch running watchOS 9, including the Apple Watch SE (2022) and a few other models.

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