For Android devices, the new Google Wallet App is already rolling out.

In a few chosen nations, the new Google Wallet has begun to roll out to Android and WearOS devices. There will soon be a complete rollout.

The new Google Wallet app is here.

The rollout of Google Wallet, the program that will replace Google Pay, has begun on select Android devices. It will ultimately replace Google Pay and be available to all users. However, in other nations, it won’t take the place of Google Pay.

Google has already experimented with wallets. A few years later, it shut it down once again. In 2013, it introduced the Wallet debit card, a real debit card for its long-gone Google Wallet.

The updated Google Wallet will be different from the previous version. You may keep additional digital cards in addition to using it to make and manage payments.


The new Google Wallets is an Android digital wallet that allows you quick, safe access to your daily requirements, according to Google spokesman Chaiti Sen.

Your debit and credit cards are included in this. It may also be used to keep digital copies of your identity papers, such as your ID card and driver’s license.

At the Google I/O conference that took place earlier in May 2022, Google Wallet was unveiled.

According to a Google spokeswoman, Google Wallet is now available on phones running Android 13 or later in the following 39 countries.


In the next days, the new wallet will become available to all users, including those with WearOS devices, and it will take the place of Google Pay as we now know it.

In the US and Singapore, where peer-to-peer payments are still permitted, it will coexist alongside Google Pay.

You just need to tap to pay using Google Wallet, just as with Google Pay. Alternatively, you may pay by scanning a QR code or using NFC.

Additionally, whatever you keep in the wallet is kept on your smartphone and is never shared with anybody, not even Google. This adds an additional level of privacy and security for you.

The Wallet has “begun rolling out to Android users in 39 countries,” according to Chaiti Sen, and should be accessible “to all users within the next few days.”

The official Google website has further details regarding the new wallet.

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