Amazon Expanding its “Buy With Prime” service to include all US retailers​

Amazon Expanding its "Buy With Prime" service to include all US retailers

When Amazon will handle checkout, shipping, and returns for your own business, why manage them yourself?

UPDATE 1/10: Amazon today(Opens in a new window) stated that Buy with Prime would be accessible to all qualified US-based businesses by January 31. This means that an invitation to participate will no longer be necessary.

Buy with Prime may “boost consumer conversion by 25% on average,” according to internal Amazon statistics, according to the service’s vice president Peter Larsen. Based on “the average increase in customers placing an order when Buy with Prime was an available buying option vs when it was not, over the same time period,” that figure was derived.

Original Story (4/21/22): Amazon will let independent online retailers to provide their consumers access to the Prime purchasing experience.

The new program, “Buy with Prime(Opens in a new window),” would let online retailers use Amazon’s free shipping, refunds, and checkout processes rather of attempting to handle everything themselves.

However, Amazon is only making Buy with Prime available to businesses that currently utilize Fulfillment by Amazon on an invitation-only basis(Opens in a new window) (FBA). It is simple to add Buy with Prime to their online businesses “within minutes,” according to Amazon, since they already have a partnership with Amazon and their items are kept in Amazon’s warehouses.

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